¿Has your car stopped working or do you need proper maintenance? I am here to help you! 

Car and Truck Maintenance 

 We check your car or truck on a regular basis to provide you with the additional care and attention your vehicle needs.



 Our MotorPro team specializes in diagnostics and we are proud to offer the most complete services in the Dover NJ area.

We carefully evaluate the problem, diagnose the central problem and then we will present repair options so you can make the most informed decision possible.

State Inspection 

Certified Private Inspection (PIF)

The state of New Jersey requires that passenger vehicles be inspected for emission-related problems every two years. Bring physical copies of the following documents: 

  • Driver's license: While you don't need to own the car, you must present your valid NJ

  • Driver's license Vehicle registration: bring the registration of your vehicle that demonstrates the ownership of the car. 
  • New Jersey State Insurance Identification Card: This card acts as proof of insurance.

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